Jason and the Magic Skipping Stone

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Jason and the Magic Skipping Stone is a children’s, fantasy adventure book series. Each book takes children on a different adventure to explore and learn about people and the natural world. It also highlights the importance of family and how members provide caring, support and guidance to one another. Jason, the main character, uses a magic skipping stone he finds on Black Snake Lake to assist him on his journeys. Each book is full of excitement as he ventures into a new discovery in settings both fantasy and real. The books teach children about the natural world and about people and relationships. Each book also focuses on the role of families and important lessons we learn from one another.

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Jennifer began writing children’s books in the late 1990s. She was inspired by her son, Jason, who would want her to read stories to him as she had to insert his name every time the main character’s name was mentioned. The books are a series of fantasy adventures. Each adventure is a different experience Jason encounters with natural and fantastical worlds. Jason uses the magic skipping stone in each adventure to help him some way during the adventure. Jennifer hopes to inspire her audience, ages 4-9 to create their own adventures. Each book focuses on educational information of the natural world and problem solving techniques. Additionally, Jason points out the importance of family and how they are always there for him to assist him in every way.