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God’s Phone Number

God has blessed us with numerous blessings, some of them are good, and some of them are the best. Few of them are the tools that we use to communicate with God and connect ourselves with God. The only way to connect with the God is through the prayers and the name of Jesus Christ, as it said clearly in the Bible that whatever you ask God through the name of Jesus he will give it to you and that no one can enter the kingdom of heaven unless through his son Jesus Christ.


A mother's love is all you wish for when you are dying, sick and the most vulnerable in your life. It is not a love that you need to earn, it is a love free from the rules of give and take and something that comes in a pure form of bliss. It is a form of love that cannot be substituted by any person, pet or thing. Anyone who has experienced a loss of a mother in his life would tell you that this void in heart could never filled by anything. A person could never get the same level of unconditional love from a sibling, friend or spouse. Something’s in life could never be replaced because they are so priceless. A mother is at the top of that list!

The incredible power of dad’s love: Here is why dads should invest in parenting

Children grow up to be a lot more emotionally secured when they have had an involved father figure. They are more confident; they have better and fulfilling social connections and are much comfortable in their skins to explore their surroundings. Another impactful part of the father-child relationship is the way in which fathers play with their kids. It is what shapes both the social and emotional development of children. Books on parenting always seem to dub the fathers as not being that necessary for the upbringing of the child. Fathers are often depicted in the media as being emotionally disconnected, incompetent and always come as an alternative to the actual parent (mothers). It makes it difficult for fathers to step up and be more involved in the lives of their little ones.

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